Priceless Experience


Every teen wants to have the newest gadgets in the market, new clothes & shoes and different material things. Well, Teens listen up do not easily spend your money in things that will be broken or will get old sooner or later. Instead, spend it in things that will give you new experiences.

Like me having a bucket list of the things that I want to do really helps. Last year, I spent some of my savings in a concert 🙂 It was really fun, I attended the Red Bullet Concert in Manila last year and met a lot of new people. I eventually became friends with them and I am still in touch with them until now.


You see, teens today are getting so wrap-up in “techy-things”. As a challenge, why don’t you seek new adventures that would give you an experience that you will remember forever. ❤

“KPOP Domination”


Everyone likes different kind and genre of music, but nowadays every teen likes listening to KPOP. The Korean pop music gained more attention through social media which caused the rapid growth of its popularity. The majority of Kpop fans are from international countries.

But why do teens keep listening to these songs even though they could not understand it? KPOP songs have strong beat, melody, and rhythm that really attract the listeners. Plus Korean artists really exert effort in making a good quality music video with amazing effects and choreography. If you would compare the American songs with Korean songs. You will see the difference in the concept and lyrics of the song. Nowadays, American or Western songs use sex as a concept of the song. This kind of songs was not “teen-friendly” unlike in Korea most of the KPOP songs use love as their concept.

As you can see, even the simple thing like choosing your preferred music can change a person’s thinking. So always remember to make the right choice even with the simplest thing that you’re doing and always think about the possible consequences of your action.

If you are interested in listening to KPOP songs, I would recommend songs by BIGBANG, 2ne1, EXO, BTS, and UNIQ (they were my personal favorites, I follow different groups, but it will be too long if I will mention all of them)

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